Wood-Based Bioplastic Storage

May 5, 2022
Treston's BiOX bins allow users to easily make a sustainable storage choice.

As wood-based bioplastic bins for industrial use, BiOX bins allow users to make an environmentally conscious storage choice and significantly reduce their use of non-renewable resources and their carbon footprint. The carbon-neutral material of the bins is over 90% wood-based renewable material, residue from pulp production process, and cellulose fibers from sustainably managed forests; the quality remains the same as with traditional plastic bins.


The material for the bins comes from UPM, a global forest industry company. The material for the transparent label shields and cross-dividers comes from the Finnish start-up Woodly. For both companies, the joint development work with Treston marks a first in creating wood-based bioplastic products for industrial use.

  • Looks like plastic, acts like plastic, but it is made of wood-based material
  • An easy-to-recognise, forest green color with the brand Treston BiOX
  • Quality and durability similar to classic plastics
  • The main raw materials are carbon neutral
  • 100% recycling ready