Geometric Technologies, In., a subsidiary of Geometric Limited and an industry leader in developing advanced manufacturing software has announced the release of CAMWorks® 2009, the latest version of its solid-based CNC programming solution. This new release has over 100 user-driven features and enhancements, to enable users to program parts faster and more easily. In addition, CAMWorks 2009 provides a significant number of new machining options to further strengthen its existing manufacturing capabilities. “In today’s manufacturing landscape, the most successful shops are constantly evaluating their methodology and technology to stay competitive. We continually improve CAMWorks to meet the increasing needs of the mold making and machining industries,” said Bruce Weiner, Director Research and Development at Geometric Technologies. In addition to the user-driven enhancements and features, CAMWorks 2009 is available in a 64-bit version that allows engineers to use its powerful processing to program data-intensive parts. Some of the key enhancements of CAMWorks 2009 are: Performance increases due to CAMWork’s ability to generate 3-5 axis toolpaths as separate thread, and in separate processes allowing users to continue working in other areas, or on other CAM models. Data reusability has been extended to enable the import of CAM data associated with part models into assembly models, allowing parts to be programmed and applied to different jobs. In addition, library features can be created where only selected CAM data is to be reused in other jobs. CAMWorks 2009 also features improved graphic display performance, performance improvements in part and machine simulation, and new XML-based user defined setup sheet, which allows machining information to be viewed in a web browser. Turning features and toolpaths have been made more intelligent with this new release, thus resulting in safer and more simplified programming of turn and mill/turn parts. Wire EDM users will benefit from new and easy creation of multiple glue stops and a more powerful post processing environment. Simultaneous 4/5 axis improvements include toolpath control, expanded collision avoidance and creation of multiple toolpaths using rotate and copy options. Lately, enhancement to Automatic Feature Recognition and the intuitive user interface make CAMWorks easier to use than before. CAMWorks is a SolidWorks® certified Gold CAM product that provides state-of-the-art machining capabilities seamlessly integrated in SolidWorks. CAMWorks can run within SolidWorks, or as part of a cost effective CAD/CAM package that includes CAMWorks Solids, and integrated solid modeler.