World’s First Positive-Displacement Valves with Disposable Fluid Path Technology

Nov. 18, 2009
Tridak now offers the Model 340PS and the Model 340PSL positive-displacement dispensing valves for accurate and repeatable fluid dispensing.  Both valves offer true positive-displacement operation and incorporate the efficiency of a disposable fluid path from the reservoir to the dispense tip. Sequenced piston actuation within the Model 340 series valves dispenses a consistent shot-to-shot volume regardless of material viscosity or viscosity fluctuation. This performance feature is accentuated in applications that require extremely precise dispense volume repetition. The Model 340 positive-displacement valves are effective with materials that are shear sensitive, extremely high or low in viscosity, possess tacky or stringy characteristics, or have drifting viscosities due to limited pot life. The Model 340 Series dispensing valves are available in two basic models, the 340PS and the 340PSL. The 340PS is best suited for smaller shot volumes, from 0.004 mL to 0.180 mL shots. The 340PSL offers larger shot size capability, up to 1.200 mL. Both valves are available with polyurethane, flexible polyethylene, or Teflon® tubing. This series of valves features patented over-stroke adjustment which prevents premature tubing wear, allowing users to secure millions of cycles before tubing replacement may be required. Tridak offers a wide range of tubing materials, including FDA approved materials for medical, pharmaceutical, or food contact applications. Tridak Applications Engineering should be contacted to determine a tubing material that is best suited for an application. The Model 340 Series positive-displacement valves must be actuated with a Tridak Model 340 valve controller. This controller is specifically programmed to initiate the proper piston sequencing to produce positive-displacement dispensing. With minor factory modification, these dispensing valves can be gang mounted for multi-component dispensing.