SmartBob-SH and SHT Measure Solids in Temperatures up to 900°

Dec. 3, 2009
BinMaster® Level Controls of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA announces the SmartBob-SH and SmartBob-SHT sensors, which are specially designed for measuring the level of solid materials in storage and processing bins experiencing very high temperatures. The High Temp or SmartBob-HT model is for applications where the process temperature is over 240°F and under 500°F. The Super High Temp or SmartBob-SHT model can handle temperatures up to 900°F and has been used in coke-oven batteries that experience brief temperature bursts of up to 1685°F.The SmartBob-HT and SHT sensors are configured with additional components that when installed properly, will safely operate in extreme temperatures. A 36-inch stainless steel standpipe is used to extend the remote away from the heat source and a stainless steel pipe extension fitted with a Teflon cable guide keeps the sensor probe out of the standpipe and level with the top of the bin. A standard air purge nipple allows a small amount of air to circulate through the mechanical cavity of the remote, helping it maintain an acceptable operating temperature. SmartBob-HT and SHT sensors are extremely rugged, featuring a durable, bare stainless steel cable and long-lasting motor design which is completely sealed in a strong, lightweight molded polycarbonate enclosure that is explosion proof and rated for Class II, Groups E, F & G certifications. “SmartBob-HT and SHT are just two of various sensor options that can be used in conjunction with the SmartBob weight and cable inventory measurement system,” said Todd Peterson, BinMaster’s vice president of sales. “Like the standard SmartBob2 sensor, the HT and SHT high temperature models can be combined with the Windows-based eBob software program and remote push-button control consoles to provide a complete inventory management system for a variety of high temperature applications including the manufacture of steel or foundries processing ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.”