“Lock in Last Position” T6100 I/P transducer

Nov. 13, 2009
Fairchild’s new “Lock in Last Position” T6100 I/P transducer senses any loss of electrical signal and immediately locks your pneumatic output pressure at the pressure setting immediately prior to signal loss to maintain your pneumatic output pressure will almost no pressure loss for a period of 24 to 48 hours.  The newT6100 fail freeze I/P transducer includes IP65 and NEMA 4 ratings as standard features to handle tough moist applications.  The T6100 handles supply pressures up to 40 psi [2.8 BAR] and provides the typical process control output range of 3-15 psi [0.2-1 BAR].  Upon loss of electrical signal, the maximum drift of the output pressure would be 2% per hour.In demanding applications such as power plant operations, cooling louvers, and critical process control, the T6100 provides precision setpoint control accuracy during normal operation with added the peace of mind that the pressure will be maintained even if your system would see a momentary or extended interruption of electrical power. If your application demands precision pressure control without the worry of power loss interruption, the T6100 is designed for you.• Max Supply Pressure: 40 psig, [2.8 BAR] • Max Output Pressure: 15 psig [1 BAR] • Flow Capacity: 5 SCFM (8.5 m3/HR) • Accuracy: 0.50%