Branson MCX Series Ultrasonic Mold Cleaning Systems

Oct. 4, 2021
Emerson Electric's Branson MCX Series Ultrasonic Mold Cleaning Systems use ultrasonic technology to produce fluid cavitation.

The Branson MCX Series Ultrasonic Mold Cleaning Systems feature side-mounted immersible transducers and powerful immersion heaters that can provide effective, fast, and efficient cleaning. Compared to manual cleaning of plastics injection molds, the series dramatically increases productivity and avoids potential mold damage.


The cleaners are purpose-built for cleaning injection molds, which is why the side-mounted transducers represent such an important innovation compared to transducers mounted on the bottom of the tank. Since most plastic injection molds are rectangular, with a lot of the design details on the surface facing the side of the tank, side-mounted transducers result in A more intense and focused cavitation as compared to bottom-mounted transducers.


The systems use ultrasonic technology to produce fluid cavitation, a non-contact cleaning process. Mold halves are placed between the transducers mounted on opposite sides of the tank, which is filled with cleaning solution. The system emits ultrasonic waves into the solution, creating minute bubbles (or cavities) that eventually implode, releasing tremendous amounts of energy. The resulting turbulence dislodges contaminants from the mold surfaces and even blind holes and tiny crevices.


The cleaners are pre-configured in three stock tank sizes. The side-mounted immersible transducers can deliver cavitation in 25 and 40 KHz frequencies. In addition, the MCX Series can be configured to include one or more rinse stations to remove latent chemistries and add rust-inhibiting chemistries to improve mold life and performance.

  • Fully configured ultrasonic cleaning system with adequate ultrasonic immersible transducers situated on either one or two vertical walls of cleaning tank, along with powerful immersion heaters to help remove the most stubborn and inaccessible dirt and grime from mold surface.
  • Choice of 25 and 40 KHz ultrasonic frequency provides users flexibility relative to aggressively removing stubborn contaminants, reaching inside intricate mold details and preventing any damage to critical mold design features.
  • User-friendly advanced Touchscreen HMI on Branson GCX Ultrasonic Generators provide easy access to system data and setup.
  • Digital control of Sweep Frequency and Ultrasonic Power offers more precise control and consistency of the cleaning process.
  • Remote Ultrasonic Generator Racking System allows separation between critical process controls and mold cleaning work area to reduce risk of unintentional damage and accidents.