Magnification with Interchangeable Lenses

June 12, 2018
Aven's magnifying lamp offers 60 ultra-bright SMD LEDs.

ProVue Solas Magnifying Lamps offer the flexibility of using multiple, interchangeable lenses in the durable yet stylish housing of the ProVue series magnifying lamps. Enhance working distance, magnification, or field of view without the need to have multiple lamps on hand. The ProVue Solas is available in two models: the Solas XL35 includes a 5-diopter lens (2.25x magnification), but also accommodates an optional 3-diopter lens (1.75x magnification). The Solas XL58 includes an 8-diopter lens (3x magnification), but also accommodates an optional 5-diopter lens (2.25x magnification).


The ProVue Solas has a fastening ring that is placed over the installed lens and is easy to loosen and tighten when switching out lenses. 60 ultra-bright white LEDs provide shadow-free illumination for your applications with a lifespan of 20,000 hours. The lamp head features micro touch buttons to adjust the brightness intensity of the LEDs. The 36-in. covered spring balanced arm, it has the range to meet all your inspection needs without exposed springs or pinching hazards. A tension knob allows optimal lamp head positioning. The ProVue Solas comes complete with a heavy-duty table clamp and power adapter.


  • Offers the flexibility of using multiple lenses
  • Includes one 5-diopter, 5-in. round glass lens
  • 3-Diopter lens (1.75x Magnification) – Item # 26501-RL3D sold separately
  • Fully enclosed spring-balanced arm
  • 60 ultra-bright SMD LEDs with brightness intensity buttons
  • Lenses are made from glass, providing crystal-clear viewing