Dodge® Ultra Kleen Ball Bearings

Feb. 3, 2010
Dodge ULTRA KLEEN ball bearings are loaded with an array of industry-leading features that provide extended life in harsh, washdown conditions, typically found in the food and beverage industry. This new product features the patented QuadGuard™ sealing system, along with an exclusive ball retainer, called the Maxlife™ cage, that helps retain lubrication and prevents washout in wet environments. ULTRA KLEEN bearings are offered in a wide variety of stainless steel and polymer housings, both featuring 100% stainless steel inserts. The QuadGuard seal consists of two patented features, a triple-lip seal, and a rubberized flinger.  The triple-lip seal offers three points of contact, keeping lubricant in and contaminants out. This unique design maximizes sealing with a minimal amount of drag.  The rubberized flinger, the industry’s first and only patented design, is molded rubber that provides an additional barrier to contaminants.  The rubber baffled design on the external surface of the flinger enhances the removal of liquid as it rotates, while the grease chambers on the internal surface of the flinger prevent lubricant from exiting the bearing. The Maxlife cage is a two-piece design that creates a grease compartment around each of the rolling elements.  The compartments provide constant contact between ball and grease so an oil film will always exist to prevent wear and minimize friction and heat.  The compartmental construction of the cage holds in the grease and prevents it from being washed out. This exclusive design extends the life of the bearing and requires less frequent re-lubrication versus standard designs. The 65° setscrews of the ULTRA KLEEN provide maximum locking force without compromising the strength of the inner ring, while the stainless anti-rotation pin prevents the insert from rotating in the housing.  The stainless housing is made with 300 series stainless steel.  The polymer housed version has an added anti-microbial agent that retards bacteria and fungus growth.  Both housing styles contain all stainless hardware and fittings, as well as stainless steel inserts.