A new tri-fold, 4-color, I-Mark flier featuring programmable markers specifically designed for product identification is now available from Columbia Marking Tools, Inc. The I-Mark line is a completely new line of programmable marking machines. They feature both dot-peen and scribe marking methods. The new line is manufactured in the USA. The markers are used for the application of serial numbers, inspection codes, date codes, lot codes, or shift codes. Some models are also equipped with 2D/UID capabilities, using our patented Square-Dot® process.The tri-fold contains all the I-Mark models, from the most economical, low volume part marker to the high production, industrial machines. Also, included is the I-Mark B2 Black Box. The I-Mark software allows for advanced networking and fault logging. In addition, the I-Mark controllers have the ability to provide basic PLC functions. The Black Box is a dual drive controller that can be used to control both Columbia Marking Tools marking heads, but also is able to control the competitor’s dot-peen and scribe marking heads