High Performance, Multi-Purpose CCD Laser Micrometer

April 26, 2010
The new IG Series represents a significant advancement in modern micrometer technology, incorporating performance features typically found in higher cost systems. An easy-to-use interface offers a new approach to applications such as edge guiding of opaque, transparent or translucent materials, position control, outer diameter measurement, and gap control.  The IG Series control system includes numerous built-in, application specific operation modes enabling most installations to be configured and operational within seconds after powering on the system.Easy Installation and SetupKEYENCE design efforts have been focused on streamlining the ease of installation and setup without any loss of advanced functionality. The optical system was specifically developed to provide levels of accuracy and reliability that were not available with conventional systems. Ease of UseUsing the IG is quick and easy. Installation is simplified by the compactness of the IG and its very small footprint allowing the unit to be installed in locations not previously accessible to devices of this type. Optical axis alignment, which in the past has proven to be tedious and difficult task, is now quickly accomplished. Fast alignment and setup is simplified with the IG’s highly visible beam and an easy-to-use LED Bar Monitor position display built into the sensor head. High-Accuracy Optical System The IG optical system was designed from the ground up to provide reliable, high accuracy measurements in a low cost package. Unlike conventional edge guiding and positioning devices, the IG Series uses a high precision L-CCD to determine the edge positions of any target placed within the sensor’s beam. This feature, combined with several error extraction algorithms and a I-DSP (Digital Signal Processor), allow the IG to operate stably in environments that would result in failure of conventional devices.