Thin-section bearing catalog

May 3, 2010
Kaydon Corporation Bearings Division has released a new edition of its REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings catalog (Catalog 300) with 40 new part numbers and more availability from stock than ever before.The 132-page catalog, last updated in 2007, is available in print or as a downloadable PDF file at the company's website,    Among the highlights is a new 8mm series of sealed metric REALI-SLIM® bearings that gives designers more versatility.  The series adds 28 new part numbers, with bore sizes ranging from 25mm to 170mm, to the Type C (radial contact) and Type X (four-point contact) bearings,    Kaydon has expanded its JG series of sealed REALI-SLIM® bearings, adding 12 new part numbers with bore sizes as small as 7.0 inches.  The JG series now spans a range from 7.0 inches to 40.0 inches.  Also expanded is the number of bearings in the catalog available from stock.    In addition to the new offerings, the catalog features more user-friendly features, including an expanded index and common English-metric equivalents.  It retains popular features, such as sizing charts, deflection and load graphs, and an application worksheet to request a free, customized application engineering review.