May 12, 2010
Pregis Corp.’s Microfoam® low-density polypropylene (PP) sheet foam line provides superior protection for easily scratched metal surfaces.  Microfoam’s high coefficient of friction (COF) means that it clings to the item it is protecting. (Low COF materials slide back and forth increasing the chance that sensitive product finishes will be subjected to abrasion.)“Products typically vibrate and shift during transit.  When they have polished metal surfaces, it becomes even more important that the cushioning material used for protection isn’t the very thing that causes damage,” explains Josephine Fish, director of marketing, Pregis.These metal surfaces can be found in lighting fixtures, automotive components (wheels, trim, etc.), furniture, window frames, sporting equipment, electronics, hardware, industrial, jewelry, appliances, etc.In addition to superb cushioning and surface protection properties, Microfoam PP sheet foam offers excellent vapor transmission, thermal and insulation. Its uses also extend to void fill and interleaving—desirable for items “layered” in product packs. Further, the chemically-inert material won’t tarnish or corrode sensitive metals.As the only U.S. manufacturer of PP sheet foam, Pregis makes it easy for low volume users to benefit from its superb cushioning properties by offering three readily available stock sizes (1/32-, 1/16-, 3/32-inches). Custom options are also available.Microfoam also offers environmental benefits. It is manufactured with 40% less resin than the same thickness in polyethylene and is lighter weight than small air cushioning at equal square footage.  In addition to source reduction, this has a positive impact on shipping costs.  Microfoam is also recyclable and photodegradable.  Further no curing agents are used so there is no grease transfer to the part it protects.Microfoam’s high melt point (320° Fahrenheit) makes it uniquely suited to handle parts which may reach the packaging stage at elevated temperatures.   The high melt point also makes it the ideal protective choice in applications (such as furniture) that are shrinkwrapped.In addition to metal surfaces, the product line is ideal suited for products in markets such as: agriculture, automotive, construction, electronics, appliances, food, fulfillment/mail order, furniture, housewares, moving/storage, pharmaceuticals, publishing and transportation.