Shaft collars and couplings for solar power generation installations

May 5, 2010
With continued rapid growth in the use of renewable energies, Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc. offers a selection of shaft collars and couplings for use in solar power generation installations. The shaft collars and couplings are specifically designed for harsh environments. They deliver high performance and long service intervals in residential, commercial and small-scale solar power generation facilities.High temperature, salt spray, wind, moisture and airborne contaminants are all factors in design selection for solar power generation facilities. Ruland's product line provides the necessary strength and weather resistance for these exposed applications with a variety of zinc-plated steel, aluminium and stainless steel collars in both 303 and 316 grades. Ruland shaft collars and rigid couplings are an ideal fit for tracking and positioning systems, as well as structural supports. A wide selection of standard sizes for one and two-piece designs in clamp and set screw styles is available in both inch and metric dimensions. Custom solutions can be made to order.All Ruland products are RoHS and REACH compliant. They are manufactured in Ruland’s U.S. factory under strict controls using proprietary processes, high quality materials and superior finishes. Ruland's complete product line includes shaft collars and rigid couplings and five types of zero-backlash motion control couplings: beam couplings, bellows couplings, oldham couplings, miniature disc couplings and curved jaw couplings.