Ethernet Extension Devices Showcased in New Catalog

May 6, 2010
B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company’s Spring 2010 catalog focuses on expanding network horizons beyond the 100-meter Ethernet limit. Communication distances up to 80 kilometers can be reached with Ethernet products and ordinary copper phone lines, coaxial or fiber optic cabling, or wirelessly.New from B&B Electronics, Vlinx™ ConnectPro provides seamless integration of multiple vendor systems, devices, and protocols. This fieldbus gateway acts as a protocol converter, data logger, and web interface with virtual HMI. New Ilinx™ hardened converters and repeaters meet stringent IEC 61850-3 and IEEE1613 specifications for electrical substations. New Vlinx™ Ethernet to serial servers enable control of serial devices located virtually anywhere via TCP/IP or UDP/IP connections.Other products new to the April 2010 issue are USB extenders, keyboard-video-mouse IP switch, Category 6 cabling, low-profile antenna, enclosure accessories, and Digi® radio modems and long-distance Ethernet bridges.The 136-page issue also features a standard line-up of serial conversion products, Ethernet serial servers, switches and gateways, wireless products, plus USB and remote I/O devices. Non-metal enclosures, terminal blocks, power supplies, cabling, and surge protectors are also available. As a direct to end-user provider, B&B Electronics has historically been known for competitive prices.