M Series and S Series: Rugged Keypads Ideal for Outdoor Environments

June 22, 2010
EAO Switch Corporation announces a variety of rugged keypads to meet industry standards and outdoor application requirements. M Series and S Series keypads are vandal-resistant and ideal for indoor or outdoor use in applications including banking kiosks, ticketing machines, and access control systems, and other harsh public environments.EAO’s M Series offers easy panel configurations and adaptable layouts to accommodate a wide range of customer designs.  Customers can uniquely specify any number of keys, as well as standard 4, 12, or 16 key layouts. Features include LED illumination in blue, red, yellow, green, or white, multiple button shapes and colors within one keypad, and blank spaces for separation between keys in one unit. With other features including anti-twist, anti-pull off, and non sticking keys, the M Series keypads join a long line of durable and vandal-resistant EAO products that provide reliable, distinctive interfaces for specific customer applications. Along with the modular M Series, EAO offers their robust S Series as well. The new S Series Lite simulates EAO’s internationally recognized metal S Series with the look and durability of metal, but is made from an extremely rugged Polycarbonate (PC) plastic. A simulated matte chrome finish, which is scratch-resistant to ensure long-lasting appearance, gives this series the look of a heavyweight keypad without the expense of metal. The S Series Lite offers a variety of design options, including laser etching for a multitude of legend characters, ensuring that the marking remains sharp for many years. Standard illumination is produced by either blue or yellow LEDs, and is visible either through or around the legend. Other colors (red, green, orange, and white) are optional. High-quality illumination results in easily recognizable and visibly defined legends, especially in low-light conditions. Several layouts and custom legends are possible within the two standard sizes, 12-key telephone or 16-key hexadecimal. When mounted, both M Series and S Series Lite keypads are protected to IP 67 requirements against the ingress of water, oil, and dirt and are impact resistant to an IK09 (10 joule) rating. They remain reliable even when exposed to severe weather. The keypads have either front or rear mounting options and connect through an external pin-header connection.• Easy panel configurations• Anti-twist, anti-pull-off• Non-sticking keys