Bullet™ WirelessHART® Adapter

July 27, 2010
MACTek® Corporation announces the release of its WirelessHART® adapter, a universal communication device for use with both analog and HART-enabled devices. The Bullet™ provides a cost-effective means to access process measurements and communicate process variables and other valuable information to the control room without wires. The Bullet™ enables existing wired HART® field devices from any supplier to communicate with host applications by means of WirelessHART® technology. The Bullet™ is installed permanently by wiring it directly to a standard HART® field device, or connecting it anywhere on the 4-20mA current loop with a junction box.  A wired HART® field device retrofitted with the Bullet™ communicates its analog process variable over the existing wiring to the existing DCS with no wiring changes.  The Bullet™ simultaneously communicates the digital PV and device diagnostic information over the WirelessHART® network.  The Bullet™ can also be installed on a non-smart (analog only) device and will transmit a digital representation of the analog 4-20mA PV to the control room over the WirelessHART® network which can save labor cost by eliminating manual recording of data. “I am pleased to announce the release of this exciting and innovative product.” said Thomas Holmes, President of MACTek. “The fact that this device connects to existing installed HART-enabled and analog devices provides a huge benefit to users in plants as they continue to lower their operating cost by providing access to valuable  information stranded in their measurement and control assets, and by making new measurements cost effective. MACTek’s demonstrated high quality and reliability is built into the Bullet™ so that users can have confidence when installing and using this exciting product.  We are currently submitting the Bullet™ to all required agencies and the HART Communication Foundation for testing, certification and registration.”   One of the many unique features of the Bullet™ is its ability to multi-drop up to 8 measurement devices using a single Bullet™.  The digital multi-drop feature drives the cost of adding devices to an existing WirelessHART® network down to well below that of other digital busses that require a linking device, special wire, power conditioners and segment terminators, as well as training for personnel.  This cost-effective feature is useful for many SCADA applications including the monitoring of tank farms and pipelines. The Bullet™ is typically loop-powered, requiring no batteries or other power sources. Featuring MACTek’s patent-pending StepVolt technology that sets insertion voltage in steps from 1 volt to 2.5 volts the Bullet™ will optimize the trade-off between available loop power and wireless communication bandwidth.Optionally the Bullet™ may be connected to external power such as line power, battery or solar to add new measurement points in locations where powering new loops from the DCS would be too costly or difficult.   For example, installing measurement points on rotating and mobile machinery is a particular challenge for which the Bullet™ can be an easy and cost effective solution.The Bullet™ offers a unique power cycling feature that cycles power to attached devices reducing power consumption, an advantageous feature for battery or solar powered applications.  When powered externally the Bullet™ provides the load resistor required by the HART® protocol, saving users the time and cost of installing and wiring an external resistor in the field wiring.