Sept. 14, 2010
NK Technologies’ AG and AGL ground fault sensors help protect products, personnel, equipment and processes from damage due to ground fault conditions while meeting the requirements for ground fault sensing as stipulated in the National Electric Code.  AG and AGL sensors measure all current carrying conductors in grounded single- and three-phase delta or wye systems. Under normal conditions current in the ‘hot’ leg of a two-wire load is equal in magnitude but opposite in sign to the current in the neutral leg. As a result, the electromag¬netic fields surrounding these two conductors cancel, producing a “zero sum current.” If current leaks to ground (fault condition) the two currents become imbalanced and a net magnetic field results. AG and AGL sensors are extremely sensitive and are able to detect if more current is used at the load than is being returned to the source, indicating earth leakage. Once earth leakage is detected, the sensors can trip alarms to alert the operator or shut down the monitored loads.AG Series sensors are available with either solid-state or mechanical outputs. Solid-state design provides unlimited switch operating life, superior resistance to shock and vibration, high switch speeds, and high input-output isolation. Mechanical outputs are available in solid-core enclosures with a choice between a N.O. (normally open) or N.C. (normally closed) SPST latching relay and an SPDT Form C relay with auto-reset. These models can be ordered with either factory adjusted or field adjusable setpoints, or a “Tri-set” option, with three factory-adjusted setpoints. Optional EMI/RFI coating is available. These sensors are UL recognized. The AGL offers one of the largest aperture diameters in the industry while maintaining a compact overall profile. Intended for sensing earth leakage in applications up to 400A, the AGL Series offers a choice of N.O. or N.C. latching relays or an SPDT Form C relay with auto-reset. The enclosure features integral DIN-rail mounting as standard. Optional EMI/RFI coating is available.  The AGL is UL listed.