High Precision Deep Drawn Stamping

Oct. 28, 2010

ITW Highland Manufacturing has released a new, full color brochure describing its unique capabilities for high precision, deep drawn stampings. The brochure recounts ITW Highland’s history of innovation, its facilities, equipment and capacity for high volume, precision components, from design & prototyping through tooling, production & secondary operations.

The brochure explains how this integrated capacity under a single roof permits ITW Highland to control every aspect of the manufacturing process to high precision: Part sizes range from 3-280mm (0.125-11”); Material thicknesses from 0.10-4.0mm (0.004-0.160”); Length tolerances held to 0.003”, Diameters to 0.0005, True position to 0.0015” and Diameter-to-length ratios of 9 to 1 or greater are achieved.

  • high precision, deep drawn stampings
  • high volume, precision components