CNC Wire-Cut EDM

Sept. 5, 2019

Beaumont Machine has updated its EDM line with a new machine, the S-EW3. This 5-axis servo motor EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) combines several key features for only $69,900.00. These include compact space, approach control, corner control, auto threader, and training software.


The S-EW3 Wire EDM is designed by Optimum Machine Solutions and built by a strong Taiwan manufacturer of wire cutting machines, established in 2006. The company specializes in various series of wire cutting EDM machines. In addition, the machine takes up only 42 square feet of floor space, including the machine’s filtration unit. Programmable reduced power settings eliminate wire breaks on lead-in cutting. Automatic adjustment to power settings and feed rate improve corner accuracy. The EDM machine also features an AWT (Auto Wire Threading) that is low maintenance and highly capable. 


Regarding the CNC controller, it features a Windows embedded operating system, an independently developed CNC control device, a 15” Color LCD, 64  bits industrial computer and a memory card with a capacity of  2GB CF. Furthermore, it includes a keyboard, mouse stand, RS-232, USB disk, network, and FTP.


The discharge power supply has high-speed voltage withstanding MOSFET, a modular design discharge power unit and real-time sparking pulse control.


S-EW3’s features a 5-axis linear guideway, 5-axes AC servo motors, ball screws (grade X/Y C1, U/V C3, Z C5), high stability mechanical structure and a reliable AWT system.


Optional features available are a 3 phase transformer, short message service, remote monitor system, jumbo feeder, a wire guide on top and one on the bottom.


A new “E” learning training software enhances the customer’s S-EW3 experience.