MIG Guns Catalog

June 7, 2018
Bernard's welding catalog assists users in choosing the right semi-automatic MIG guns and consumables.

Semi-Automatic MIG Guns & Consumables catalog is a full-color, 26-page catalog designed to assist users in choosing the right semi-automatic MIG guns and consumables for their applications. It features product information, along with comparative charts and reference tables to guide users in their selections.


Updates to the catalog include additional information on the BTB Air-Cooled MIG Guns. These configurable guns deliver industrial-grade performance in demanding environments and are available in a variety of neck, handle and trigger styles to optimize welder ergonomics and weld access. The offering includes the new C Series Straight Handle that features an ergonomic overmolding and rear swivel at no extra cost. All guns can be fully customized using the Bernard online configurator.


The catalog also features the recently updated Clean Air Fume Extraction MIG Gun family, which now includes the Clean Air Curved Handle Series Fume Extraction MIG Gun — formerly the Bernard FILTAIR Fume Extraction MIG Gun. This gun has a high-performance, crush- and snag-resistant extraction hose for reduced overall weight, adjustable nozzle shroud and front vacuum chamber, and additional neck bend options of 30, 45 and 60-deg.


In addition, the catalog provides information on Centerfire, Quik Tip and TOUGH LOCK Consumables, which are compatible with all curved and straight handle guns in the BTB MIG Gun Platform, and the company’s offering of liners.