Huron Technologies, Inc. offers Mold Release Agent 7463 to manufacturers of compression molded fluoroelastomers. A semi?permanent release agent recommended for the release of select fluoroelastomers, Release Coating 7463 provides excellent release of rubber seals, gaskets, O?rings, grommets and other molded parts. Release Coating 7463 is designed for use at molding temperatures from 290?400°F (143?204°C),and has been successfully tested with tetrafluoroethylene?propylene (TFE/P) and fluoropolymer(FPM/FKM) elastomers. Release Coating 7463 was formulated by Huron Technologies, Inc. to achieve several key characteristics: Excellent release ease ? Ideal for releasing intricate rubber shapes without pulling or tearing. Minimal buildup ? Release Coating 7463 reduces mold buildup and decreases the frequency of mold cleanings. Multiple release ? With proper mold conditioning in certain applications, Release Coating 7463 can support increased production cycles before additional release is needed. Release Coating 7463 is available in 5 gallon containers, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes.
  • excellent release ease
  • reduces mold buildup
  • decreases the frequency of mold cleanings