One Team on All Levels

Nov. 17, 2011

Written by actual Toyota team members, One Team on All Levels is not another technical explanation of the Toyota Production System (TPS). Rather, it illustrates the culture it creates. The stories, told by employees from various levels of the organization, illustrate how Toyota's presence in Kentucky has transformed the professional and personal lives of those who worked for the company. 

Supplying a first-hand look at the principles that have transformed Toyota into one of the leading manufactures in the world, the book addresses how this manufacturing giant was able to survive and improve in the midst of a down economy and recent recalls. The real-life stories supply an unprecedented look at how the Toyota precepts and the fourteen Toyota Way principles can help you improve morale, avoid layoffs, and create a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

  • Demonstrates the culture created by the Toyota Production System
  • Examines how the TPS principles and precepts serve as models for servant leadership
  • Presents valuable insights from a wide range of Toyota team members—from hourly to management-level
  • Shows how Toyota partnered with the city of Georgetown and its community