Shackle-Style Hoist Ring

Jan. 24, 2012
Jergens, Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lifting, workholding, and fastening solutions, announces the addition of Shackle-Lok™, a shackle-style hoist ring. 100% domestically manufactured, the Shackle-Lok™ combines the strength and safety of a hoist ring with the versatility of a shackle.   

Available in a wide variety of inch and metric sizes, the Shackle-Lok™ has internal ball bearings within a tamper-resistant design that provides smooth 180° pivot and 360° swivel action under load. Shackle-Lok™ is ideal for lifting situations where conventional swivel or stationary hardware may be impractical to use. With a unique, 3-piece design, Shackle-Lok™ is ideal for use in low- clearance OEM applications, general rigging applications, and permanent mounting on dies, molds, fixtures, and other heavy equipment. 

Easy-to-remove anchor shackles are interchangeable, and the bolt can accommodate a wide variety of alternate styles. Magnetic particle inspected Shackle-Lok™ is CE-certified and conforms to ASME B30.26 and RR-C-271F standards. Designed to work with numerous thread sizes, Jergens can manufacture any straight thread size, pitch, or length to meet specific lifting application requirements.   Shackle-Lok™ Shackle-Style Hoist Rings can be equipped with Lift ID™, Jergens’ exclusive automated inspection and compliance system. 

  • inch and metric sizes
  • internal ball bearings
  • 180° pivot and 360° swivel action