Klüberfood 4 NH1-46 is an NSF H1 registered, fully synthetic hydraulic oil that is approved for use on Husky injection molding equipment.


Compared with mineral hydraulic oils, the NH1-46 reduces contaminant build-up and valve blockages, resulting in longer oil change intervals and lower operating costs in hydraulic systems. Klüberfood 4 NH1-46 provides good oxidation stability and overall stability at extreme temperatures, from -40 to 275°F (-40 to 135°C), and offers protection against friction and wear.


Klüberfood 4 NH1-46 is compatible with all materials that are resistant to mineral oil, including neoprene, NBRE, FPM, PTFE, paints based on acrylic and epoxy resin, nylon (polyamide), and PVC.

  • Fully synthetic base oil to support extended oil change intervals and reduced operating cost in hydraulic systems
  • Reduced contaminant build-up and valve blockages compared to mineral hydraulic oils as a result of the improved oil stability
  • NSF H1 registered supporting process reliability
NSF-H1 Registration 137 443Lower Service Temp. -40°F (-40°C)Upper Service Temp. 275°F (135°C)Color Space YellowAppearance ClearDensity 0.83 g/cm3Kinematic Viscosity (104°F) 46 mm2/s Kinematic Viscosity (212°F) 7.7 mm2/sViscosity Index >= 120Demulsifying Capacity 40/37/3 mlFoam Test (75.2°F) <= 150/0 mlFoam Test (200.3°F) <= 75/0 mlFlash Point >= 464°F (240°C)Pour Point <= -49°F (45°C)Min. Shelf Life 60 months