Harrington Hoists, Inc. has introduced their new dual speed, single phase, ED Infinity Electric Chain Hoists. These hoists are offered in 125, 220, 250, 350, 400, 525 and 1050 pound capacities. The pendant on the hoist is equipped with easy access external speed adjustment knobs that enable the operator to quickly customize the high and low hoist speeds. 

A heavy duty metal hinged cover protects these knobs from damage and prevents the speed settings from shifting during operation. The ED Infinity is designed with a lightweight die-cast aluminum body making it easy to install, transport and store. Additional features of the ED Infinity hoist include Weston-style and regenerative load brakes, a friction clutch for overwinding protection, nickel-plated, heat treated load chain and a standard upper limit switch. 

These hoists are ideal for work stations and work cells, assembly lines, pick-and-place operations, and fast production environments.  

  • dual speed
  • speed adjustment knobs
  • heavy duty metal hinged cover