Rod End Bearings

April 12, 2012

igus® now offers its igubal® K-Series rod end bearings in a clip version with different ball materials.  The new clip-in feature makes the dimensionally interchangeable rod ends more versatile.  The balls are available in six high-performance plastic blends, as well as stainless steel. Each iglide® material has a unique set of properties that help determine its suitability for a given application.  

Currently, the spherical balls come standard in the material iglide L280, which is ideal for applications with high wear rates. The balls are also offered in iglide R: a cost-effective material, iglide J: a low-friction material, iglide J4: a material with low moisture absorption, iglide T500 for environments exposed to chemicals and high temperatures, and iglide UW specifically for underwater applications.  

All five iglide materials are self-lubricating, corrosion resistant and lightweight. igubal rod ends are suitable for rotating, oscillating and linear movements.

  • self-lubricating
  • clip-in feature
  • corrosion resistant