Double Metal Sheet Detector

Aug. 8, 2012

>SAS< Automation introduces the DSD-36 Double Metal Sheet Detector, to detect thickness of ferrous metals thereby eliminating die/machine damage from receiving too many sheets of metal. The presence of a double sheet produces an output to stop the machine or to signal the operator. The DSD-36 Double Sheet Detector is integrated into the robotic EOAT and is used for blank feeding the press. The technology permits double metal detection with minimal magnetic attraction of the sheet or a blank up to single thickness 2.3mm (0.25”).      

The detector comprises a control module in a sheet metal housing with a single probe to form a system that detects the thickness of ferrous metals on the face of the probe using pulsed electromagnetic detection.      

Significant Features:

  • Spring loaded Metal Sheet Sensor 
  • Multiple ways to mount the Sensor 
  • Controller included 
  • Detects thickness: minimum .25mm to a maximum of 2.3mm    
  • detects thickness of ferrous metals
  • integrated into the robotic EOAT