Pyrometer CellaCast PA

Jan. 21, 2017

KELLER's pyrometer CellaCast PA80 is specially designed to measure the temperature of liquid metal in the runner of a blast furnace or cupola furnace while the PA 83 model is designed to measure the temperature of liquid metal poured from a foundry ladle or discharged from a bottom pour ladle.

The PA80 features a round target spot for steady targets, while the PA83 features a rectangular target area for moving targets (moving side-to-side).  As long as the target fills 1/3 of the rectangular area, the PA83 is able to produce good, repeatable temperature data.

Both models are available with different optics, for a range of viewing distances.  Hand-held versions are also available.

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  • Temperature ranges from 1,200 to 4,350 °F
  • Spectral Sensitivity: 0.95 / 1.05 µm
  • Response Time < 10ms (t > 1,400 °F)
  • Repeatability: 5 °F
  • Analog input/output
  • Digital input/output
  • Maintenance-free, system measures metal temperature non-contact
  • ATD function automatically records temperature for each cast
  • Dual wavelength technique
  • Algorithm to ignore slag and oxides. 
  • Through-the-lens sighting, laser aim or integrated video camera
  • Hand-held versions (PT180 & PT183)
  • Precision lenses with broadband antireflection coating
  • LED display is easy to read from a distance
  • Test current can be applied to perform diagnostics 
  • Signal processing: USB / RS485 interface.