Stand-up Lift Trucks Take Narrow Aisles

May 12, 2017

BCS-9 stand-up counter-balanced battery lift trucks are designed for narrow aisle operation in distribution and manufacturing environments. The three new models – 15BCS-9, 18BCS-9 and 20BCS-9 – are available in 3,000, 3,500 and 4,000 lb capacities. The Hyundai 18BCS-9 is on display at the Hyundai Forklift exhibit (booth #S612) this week at ProMat 2017, the largest expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North America.


"Like all Hyundai stand-up battery lift trucks, the smooth-running BCS-9 forklifts feature a compact design that delivers improved work efficiency and maximum space usage," said Tim Webb, manager of marketing and product development at Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. "The powerful and efficient dual drive motors with 100-percent AC technology enable superior throughput with faster speed."




The powerful dual drive motors and four-wheel configuration deliver exceptional stability and gradeability. Designed for optimum reliability and efficiency while providing low noise levels, the AC motors on the Hyundai BCS-9 forklifts include temperature sensors to ensure longer motor life.


Equipped with on-demand steering, the forklifts' hydraulic motors are activated while steering to reduce steering noise and energy consumption.




The ergonomically designed operating system on the Hyundai BCS-9 lift trucks includes an adjustable armrest, a large, cushioned backrest and a contoured, minimal-effort joystick.


An advanced, 3.5-inch LCD color monitor with self-diagnostic system allows the operator to control the machine. The monitor provides such information as speed, steering wheel position, travel direction, battery discharge and work mode. The standard load indicator system measures the weight of the load being lifted.




The battery compartment on the Hyundai BCS-9 forklifts features a side battery removal assembly for easy removal and replacement.




At Hyundai Forklift, safety is a daily pursuit, starting with safety-conscious design. The BCS-9 models are equipped with advanced features that deliver enhanced operator and worksite safety.


The efficient, 8kHz high frequency ZAPI controller provides smooth, quiet operation and protection for low and high voltage, overheating and fault recording. When restarting on a slope, an anti-roll back function ensures operational safety.


Electric disc brakes provide emergency stopping and parking, and are actuated automatically when the pedal is released.


Industry-leading warranty


As with all Hyundai forklifts, the Hyundai BCS-9 stand-up counter-balanced battery lift trucks are protected by Hyundai's industry-leading three-year, 4,000-hour standard warranty. Hyundai Forklift also offers customized extended warranties.

  • Load capacity: 15BCS-9: 3,000 lb. (1,361 kg); 18BCS-9: 3,500 lb. (1,588 kg); 20BCS-9: 4,000 lb. (1,814 kg)
  • Travel speed: 7.5 mph (12.1 km/h)
  • Battery: 15BCS-9: 36 volt / 1,085 Ah; 18BCS-9: 36 volt / 3,500 Ah; 20BCS-9: 36 volt / 1,240 Ah
  • Length to workface: 15BCS-9: 67.9 in (1,727 mm); 18BCS-9: 67.9 in (1,727 mm); 20BCS-9: 70.7 in. (1,797 mm)
  • Overall width: 42.0 in. (1,067 mm)