Jan. 19, 2022
The SPECTRO ARCOS ICP-OES Analyzer from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments emphasizes flexibility for true axial and true radial plasma observation.

Representing the next generation of ICP-OES technology, the SPECTRO ARCOS is an inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer that precisely analyzes the elemental composition of metals, chemicals, petrochemicals, and more. It has been further enhanced with key refinements, offering even greater flexibility and usability while emphasizing long-term savings and a lower cost-of-ownership.


The dual side-on interface (DSOI) version featuring two optical interfaces adds sensitivity and eliminates contamination/matrix compatibility issues that can plague vertical-torch dual-view models. If the DSOI is not needed, a standard SPECTRO ARCOS side-on plasma version features a dedicated radial, single side-on interface for stability and precise performance.


Users select either high-sensitivity axial plasma observation to excel at trace analysis or high-precision radial plasma observation for high matrix loads and organic solutions. The latter option includes a periscope-free MultiView version that enables operators to literally “turn” SPECTRO ARCOS from true radial view into true axial view in 90 seconds.


Other features include advanced complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor detectors, impressive Optimized Rowland Circle Alignment, and ultra-high-speed readout, as it can completely analyze simpler matrices in as little as 30 seconds.

  • Dual side-on interface adds sensitivity and eliminates contamination/matrix compatibility issues
  • One instrument instead of two: True axial AND true radial (single or dual) plasma observation in one instrument
  • ORCA Optical System: Simultaneous spectrum capture in the 130 to 770 nm wavelength range