U1-050 Compliance Compensator

Feb. 7, 2018
ATI Industrial Automation's compensator combines a variety of features to achieve the highest level of adaptability.

The U1-050 Universal Compliance Compensator combines a variety of features to achieve the highest level of adaptability in tasks such as automated assembly, bin picking, loading and unloading machines, robotic finishing, and more.


The U1-050 UCC complies in many directions to overcome misalignment between the tool and the workpiece. The patented mechanism is ideal for demanding high-endurance applications and offers simultaneous X-Y lateral compliance, X-Y-Z axis rotation, and Z compression. The pressurized internal reset piston returns the device to a repeatable center.


The stiffness can be tuned for specific payloads by varying the pneumatic pressure, which makes the device extremely versatile. ATI’s UCC can be configured for either a PNP or NPN compliance sensor and has an option for environmental protection if it is needed. The UCC comes with a standard 50 mm ISO mounting pattern which, in many cases, eliminates the need for interface plates.

  • Universal Compliance: Patented mechanism provides simultaneous X-Y lateral, X-Y-Z rotation and Z-compression compliance, allowing the robot to overcome severe misalignment between the tool and workpiece.
  • Pneumatic Reset: While springs provide a minimum pre-load, a pneumatically-actuated piston returns the unit to a repeatable center position.
  • Adjustable Stiffness: By varying pneumatic pressure to the reset piston, compliance stiffness can be tuned for each application or payload.
  • Integrated Sensing: An optional compliance sensor monitors the internal piston proximity.
  • ISO Mounting Pattern: For direct attachment to many robots without requiring adapters.
  • Flexible Configurations: Options include a PNP or NPN compliance sensor, a rubber boot for environment protection, and custom tool plate bolt patterns.