Balance Wheel Has Its Own Center of Gravity

June 12, 2017
Lufkin balance wheel prevents mud build up with wheel wiper

The Centerline Balance Wheel places its center of gravity directly over the wheel for better balance and accuracy. The counter is equipped with a gear drive, is top-mounted above the wheel, measures to 9,999-ft. 11-in., and has a heavy-duty counter reset. A wheel wiper ensures the user to prevent mud buildup while a folding handle features a sturdy damage-resistant breakaway joint. 

  • Centered single wheel for improved balance
  • GearDrive counter for superior accuracy and durability vs. belt drive designs
  • High-mount, easy-read counter, measures to 9,999 feet 11 inches
  • Wheel wiper prevents mud build-up for consistent results
  • Folding handle with sturdy damage-resistant breakaway joint
  • Heavy-duty counter reset