Non-Slip Grinding with Electro-Plated Diamond

July 11, 2018
LACH DIAMOND's CBN tools offers re-coating of submitted steel bodies or worn-out electro-plated tools.

Parallel to the increasing popularity of “lightweight” materials – such as fiber composites – GRP – CFRP – Clare – there is also an ever-increasing demand for machining tools that can improve performance and cost-efficiency.


PCD – polycrystalline cutting materials have long since proven their superiority to carbides during the machining of aluminum, GRP, CFRP, green ceramics, graphite and other materials.


On the other hand, electro-plated diamond and CBN tools have been around for almost fifty years.


Electro-plated diamond or CBN files and grinding pins are essential for tool and mold construction.


Companies which are machining graphite as well as manufacturers of carbides and ceramics appreciate electro-plated tools, especially because of the possibility to quickly and efficiently coat a large variety of different tool shapes (mounted on steel bodies) with either coarse or fine diamond grit.


Today, machining specialists for fiber compound materials increasingly draw back on these long-term experiences – parallel to PCD tool development.


LACH DIAMOND offers all users extensive know-how regarding the optimal diamond grain size – depending on individual tasks and existing machine conditions.