PCD Chip Breaker

July 11, 2018
LACH DIAMOND offers a chip breaker guides chips with a cutting depth of 0.01 mm.

The first CO-type patent was issued on January 26, 1999: A laser cut chip groove for PCD materials. Practice has shown, however, that chip breakers with a so manufactured chip groove have proven to be only suitable to a limited extent for a process-reliable, controlled chip breaking process of long chipping aluminum alloys.


An active chip breaker was the final solution. It had to show outstanding performance during rough machining as well as fine finishing.


LACH DIAMOND’s PCD 3D-active already announced as the world's best chip breaker was born. While CO-type chip breakers only redirect the chips, the 3D-active chip breaker will already guide chips with a cutting depth (ap) of 0.01 mm. The cutting depth can be increased up to the maximum length of the cutting edge.