Increase Production Quality of Wires

June 8, 2017
Schleuniger offers real time monitoring for quality control

The WireCam offers quality assurance for wire production with the CrimpCenter: it monitors the stripping results and properties of positioned seals. While the wire is in motion, this camera snaps a photo of the processed end of the wire and the software will inspect each single wire end for comparison in real time.


WireCam is integrated with "EASY" software, which is CrimpCenter's user interface. The settings refer to mm and in., making the system simple to use. Real time monitoring is capable through SmartDetect and CFM20. 

Field of view

26 x 20 mm (1.02“ x 0.79“)

Wire cross section

0.13 – 6 mm² (26 – 10 AWG)

Application limits

Full strip maximum 24 mm (0.94“)

Seal length

Maximum 10 mm (0.39“)

Seal diameter

Maximum 13 mm (0.51“)


Processing Capabilities:

  • Crimp to crimp (open or closed barrel terminals)
  • Crimp to seal
  • Seal to seal (both sides sealing)