Back Blow Air Nozzles

March 17, 2017
EXAIR'S Back Blow Air Nozzles are designed to deliver effective airflow for blowing debris and liquids from closed tubes.

Back Blow Air Nozzles are designed to deliver effective airflow for blowing debris and liquids from closed tubes or where debris shouldn't be forced further into piping or out the other end.


An array of holes provide a forceful 360-deg airflow to clear out coolant, chips, and light oils from machining processes. This nozzle prevents blowing chips further into a part, tube or pipe and eliminates any safety hazard created by blowing debris out the far end of a pipe or tube. 


They are available in 1/4 and 1 FNPT or M4x0.5, and deliver high performance suitable for a wide range of diameters from 1/4 (6.3) up to 16 in. (406 mm).

  • Nozzles available to blow out as small as 1/4-in. inside diameters
  • Nozzles available to clean out up to 16-in. inside diameter
  • Meets OSHA noise level requirements
  • Meets OSHA pressure requirements
  • Reduced compressed air cost
  • 10 dBA average noise reduction
  • Conserve compressed air
  • Improved blowoff performance
  • Compact
  • Improved safety
  • Improved production
ModelAir ConsumptionSound LevelUse with
SCFMSLPMdBAInside Diameters
1004SS4.5127751/4 to 1 in. (6.3 to 25.4 mm)
1006SS22622807/8 to 4 in. (22 to 102 mm)
1008SS571,614892 to 16 in. (51 to 406 mm)


  • Part cleaning
  • Chip removal
  • Liquid blowoff
  • Part cooling
  • Material conveying
  • Part ejection
  • Fiber conveying
  • Air assist