Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle Removes Static

March 30, 2023

The Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle eliminates static with a lightweight solution rated Class 5 for clean rooms and controlled environments per ISO 14644-1. The nozzle comes with a mounting bracket for remote mounting or benchtop assembly for hands-free use. It will reduce 1,000V to less than 100 in 0.6 seconds.


The nozzle has an LED indicator and meets OSHA requirements for sound level and dead-end pressure. Made from static dissipative polycarbonate and featuring a non-marring nozzle, the Intellistat is UL-listed and CE-compliant.


The Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle is a solution for neutralizing static in processes like scientific and electronic testing, cleaning medical or pharmaceutical products and packaging, or removing debris from sensitive electronics.

  • Mountable, hands-free operation
  • Rapid static decay
  • Low voltage operation
  • Quick change emitter point
  • OSHA safe air outlet
  • LED indicators for proper and improper functionality


  • Precision parts assembly
  • Maintain charge neutrality in laboratory processes
  • Remove particles from parts and surfaces in clean environments
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing
  • Maintain cleanliness during electronics manufacturing, assembly, and testing
  • Eliminate electrostatic discharge
  • Remove debris from medical products
  • Clean glass containers, slides, and lenses