TurboBlast Safety Air Gun

Oct. 26, 2022
Meeting OSHA noise and pressure requirements, EXAIR's TurboBlast Safety Air Gun is for heavy-duty jobs requiring powerful blowoff.

2023 NED Innovation Award Winner

A dynamic air gun capable of producing up to 23 lb. (10 kg) of force with the simple press of a button trigger, the TurboBlast Safety Air Gun is an ideal solution for blowoff applications requiring maximum force. Applications include removing stubborn or heavy debris like slag and flash, part drying or cooling from a distance, and heavy-duty cleanup in busy facilities.


It features a cast aluminum handle with a rugged elastomer grip that's comfortable, UV-resistant, chemical-resistant, and insulated from heat or cold. The light touch activation trigger creates a powerful blast of air and also includes a “Dead Man’s” grip that turns air off if the air gun is dropped. All models include an integrated nozzle guard for safety. Models are available with an adjustable gate valve to control blowing force on the fly or without the gate valve. The TurboBlast is available in multiple different flow rates and extensions up to 6 ft (2 m) long to provide ease of reaching into difficult-to-reach areas.


All EXAIR Safety Air Guns are CE compliant and meet OSHA standards.

  • Adjustable airflow
  • Provides strong blowoff force from 4.5 (2) up to 23 lb. (10 kg)
  • 3 (0.9) and 6 ft (1.8 m) extensions available
  • Meets OSHA noise and pressure requirements
  • Easy adjustment valve to control airflow blowing force
  • Light touch activation trigger
  • "Dead Man's" grip turns off airflow if handle is dropped
  • Highly ergonomic handle is insulated to protect from heat or cold
  • Integrated air nozzle guard


  • Slag removal
  • Flash removal
  • Paper manufacturing cleanup
  • Steel mill cleanup
  • Manufacturing cleanup of stubborn debris/waste
  • Part cooling
  • Part drying, liquid removal