Welding Torches Offer Pure Welding

Jan. 31, 2018
EWM AG's latest torches offer fatigue-free welding with rubber grip inserts.

UM series MAG universal welding torches focus on the essentials. These new models have been developed to EWM's customary high-quality standard for welding work in trades and industry and for quality-conscious DIY experts. Their torch trigger guarantees safe, simple operation with its effective pressure point. Its torch trigger protection prevents unintentional ignition, thus protecting both the welder and workpiece. The ergonomically shaped grip with rubber inserts also promises pleasant, fatigue-free welding.


Simple for precise results
EWM's standard MAG torches in the UM welding torch series are available in seven performance classes. Gas- or water-cooled, depending on dimensioning, the most powerful model allows welding currents up to 500 A. Their suitability for everyday use and their robust, typical EWM material and machining quality make these new MAG welding torches particularly ideal for light or moderately tough jobs. The robust, ergonomically shaped grip draws particular attention during everyday use since it allows the torch to be guided safely and precisely. The integrated ball joint guarantees an optimum range of movement in any welding position, even for positional welding. The hose package is available in lengths of three, four and five meters.


Essentials perfected
Affordable procurement costs provide an additional argument in favor of EWM's new standard UM welding torches. Warehousing costs can be kept to a minimum thanks to the use of internationally standardized wear and spare parts. The Euro torch connector also ensures that the new standard MAG torches from the UM series are compatible with power sources by all manufacturers.