XRE Lens for Optical Inspection

Dec. 15, 2022

2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

Designed for visual inspection of displays in augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed reality (MR) headsets, the XRE Lens utilizes patent-pending technology to enable flexible optical configurations to address a range of headset form factors and optical testing requirements. In-headset testing must consider the perspective of the human eye. Typically, systems apply photometric measurement (quantifying light weighted to standard human vision), wide-FOV imaging (capturing the complete display FOV at once from a near-eye position), and an optical aperture designed into the front of the imaging lens (enabling positioning at the pupil location in headsets).


Beyond these basic specifications, variables in headset design have continued to require costly adaptations or custom inspection equipment. To address this, the XRE Lens leverages commercially available optical components (eyepieces, mirrors, macros) to streamline solutions development to meet unique requirements. The XRE Lens has an electronic focus for focal changes without manual repositioning, which can be fully automated in software to evaluate multiple focal planes in seconds.


The XRE Lens also comes in two configurations: folded (“periscope” for headsets with headgear) and non-folded. Optics repeatably achieve the intended pupil position to capture up to 75-deg. horizontal and vertical FOV. Paired with Radiant’s ProMetric Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers (to 61-megapixel resolution), this FOV provides up to 100 PPD, far exceeding “human retinal resolution”—approximately 60 PPD.


With the XRE Lens, manufacturers can ensure accurate evaluation of displays as seen by the user across more diverse measurement scenarios while eliminating the time, cost, and complexity of customized inspection equipment.