Safety Edges That Offer Emergency Stop Machine Safety

For Immediate release – Farmingdale, NY Tapeswitch Corporation is a leading manufacturer of several lines of TS model number safety edges for emergency stop and sensing applications.

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures safety edges for emergency stops in various standard TS models in different profiles, (low TS-6, 8, 16, 18), medium (TS-26, 26, 48), and high (TS-47, 57, 67,), front and side actuations (TS-26, TS-46, TS-48), curved or formed (Flexion), actuation forces, and colors. The switching elements offer millions of actuations at any point for reliability, durability, and along product life cycle. In addition to standard models, Tapeswitch Corporation custom manufactures to length, to color, and to lead type and multiple edge assemblies.  Incorporate the New PCU/1 programmable and modular control unit and add logic control functions, fieldbus capability, and software to your safety edge system. Also available the PCU Engineering starter kit.

For TS Safety Edge product specifications, visit or call Tapeswitch Corporation direct at 1-800-234-8273.