Multi-Filar Coil Winders

Dec. 2, 2013

ENGINEERING BY DESIGN is manufacturing new coil winders with winding parameters that are precisely controlled and the programmable wire tension can be controlled down to extremely low values.  Our systems can wind coils down to .0004” diameter wire on a .001” mandrel using our closed loop filar and mandrel tension control systems.   System flexibility enables the filar tension to be recipe controlled from 5 grams to 600 grams during the entire wind.  New double head machine can wind up to 6 wires on each mandrel, and up to 12 wires on a single head. 

“The unique use of machine vision to measure wind angle without touching the filament and state-of-the-art control systems makes this the most precise machine ever,” states Dale Henson, P.E. and President of Engineering By Design.  “This machine can increase productivity through reduced rejects and faster wind speeds.” The programming is flexible to allow new products to be made with the same machine.  Better technology helps designers make better products.

  • can wind coils down to .0004” diameter wire