Plane Bearing Insert

Feb. 25, 2014

EDT Corp announces a new edition of the popular Poly-Round® plane bearing insert. The new Poly-Round® Plus has a stainless pin on the outer diameter to facilitate drop-in installation into bearing housings without utilizing a set-screw as an anti-rotation device. Poly-Round® bearings are self-aligning bearing inserts manufactured from a variety of polymer materials so they are suitable for various operating conditions. In applications where the environment contributes to premature failure of ball bearings, Poly-Round® bearings may be a good alternative because they operate with no grease, no seals or shields, are unaffected by washdown and do not rust.  

On modular plastic- and wire- belt conveyors, EDT guarantees Poly-Round® bearings to run 12 months without maintenance. The payback is increased UP-time, elimination of process contamination, and superior ROI.    The ‘Plus’ pin of Poly-Round® Plus bearings eliminates the necessity of drilling and tapping a hole through a housing to assure the bearing insert can align but not rotate. EDT Solution® bearing housings are designed with the appropriate hole, but customers have found it to be time-consuming to modify housings already in use. When plants have already made a significant investment in stainless bearing housings that otherwise meet their requirements, it is economical and efficient to reuse these without modification.       

  • self-aligning 
  • suitable for various operating conditions