Handheld LED Stroboscopes

March 6, 2014

ESL-200 and ESL-200T are super bright, rechargeable, LED stroboscopes designed to measure and observe rotating, reciprocating and linear motion in a variety of production, quality control and academic applications. They generate extremely bright light relative to their compact size. 

  • Solid-state Power LEDs generate intense bright light, are long-lasting and drift free 
  • Brightness: ESL-200, 350 lux @ 60"; ESL-200T, 900 lux @ 60" 
  • Rugged metal housing, compact size, ergonomic design 
  • Auto wide measuring range – up to 150,000 fpm/rpm 
  • Adjustable flash duration for sharper images 
  • Store 9 flash rates in memory for both FPM and Hz for quick retests 
  • Push button operation with x2 and ÷2 buttons for quick adjustment 
  • Phase shift 0°~359° in 1° increments with external trigger 
  • Tripod mountable
  • generate extremely bright light
  • rugged metal housing
  • tripod mountable