5 DualForce Dual-Action Penetrant/Lubricant

March 18, 2014
Zep's long-lasting, dual-action penetrant, and lubricant with PTFE is ideal for loosening rusty bolts and screws, minimizing friction, and more.

45 DualForce, a long-lasting, dual-action penetrant, and lubricant with PTFE. Patent-pending 45 DualForce features superior penetrant properties and anti-wear and rust-prevention technology offering excellent corrosion resistance. It's ideal for applications including loosening rusty and seized bolts and screws, sticky pivot points, minimizing friction, moisture/rust protection for door hinges, roll-up doors, and more. 


With less than 10% VOCs, 45 DualForce exceeds California’s 2014 VOC requirements of 25% and will maintain compliance with the state’s 2016 VOC requirements of 10%. 45 DualForce continues to penetrate for 10 minutes or longer while delivering the lowest percentage of wear among tested competitors.

  • Superior penetrant and lubricant that offers excellent resistance without diminishing its penetrant properties
  • Quickly penetrates to dramatically reduce friction and wear while offering excellent corrosion resistance and rapid moisture displacement
  • Prolongs the working life of machinery and reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • Lubricates and protects most equipment and is ideal for automatic vending machines, building materials dealers, repair services, hotels, motels, metal fabricators, and recreation clubs
  • At a VOC content in the tenths of 1 percent range, the product meets all current VOC regulations
  • Dual spray pattern (Fan Mist & Pin point)