Encapsulated Wire Brushes

April 30, 2014

Flexovit USA, Inc. introduces our newest line of wire wheel brushes for the pipeline industry. Black Gold Encapsulated Wire Brushes are ideal for pipeline applications that demand precision as well as aggressive cleaning action.  The Encapsulated brushes feature an elastomer which secures the individual wire tips resulting in aggressive brush action and longer service life. When used, the elastomer protects the operator from wire breakage and reduces the amount of sparks. 

These brushes are ideal for root pass grinding, cleaning stringer bead welds and applications that demand controlled brushing.  Black Gold Encapsulated Wire Brushes are offered in stringer bead or knot wire in diameters of 6” and 7” with a 5/8-11 arbor and feature specifications of Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty. 

  • aggressive brush action
  • diameters of 6” and 7”