Optical Fiber Marking System

May 15, 2017

Advanced Coloring System OFC 52i is a reliable solution for optical fiber coloring. A robust mechanical and electrical design, in combination with optimized tooling, UV monitoring instrumentation and increased spool sizes, provides the capability to produce longer fiber lengths with fast set-ups. It provides flexibility to manufacture a variety of quality products efficiently in our compact machine where user friendliness is a high priority for us.


The latest development with OFC 52/52i was focused on the ring marking process and how to achieve higher production speeds. Fiber marking is a method used to identify more than 12 fibers traditionally based on colors.


In the ring marking process, the marks are printed on the fiber with a high-speed ink jet and the marks are dried with heated airflow before the color is applied to the fiber.


Using solvent-based ink for ring marking makes the system very cost-effective for the customer. High-quality black marks are printed at equal intervals and the interval of the marks is accurate for ramps as well. A wide range of mark patterns can be produced. The high-speed machine vision system ensures the quality of ring marking. It inspects mark quality and helps customers to reduce costs at production facilities through reduced rework and quality assurance.


In addition to new coloring lines, the benefits of an improved ring marking process can be utilized with old coloring lines. Nextrom proudly offers a state-of-the-art ring marking process as an upgrade for all coloring lines, even for non-Nextrom lines, as standalone unit.


  • High-speed coloring up to 3000 m/min
  • Ring marking up to 1000 m/min
  • Upcoating up to 900 m/min