Parts Cleaning and Collection Unit

July 8, 2014

Custom Service Solutions, Inc. introduces its new MiJET compact parts cleaning and collection unit. Using one existing shop air line at your CNC machine, the pneumatically driven MiJET cleans parts and saves money by capturing expensive coolants for reuse. This small, affordable unit also captures chips for recycling while minimizing the risk of workers inhaling coolant aerosol and having it settle on floors, creating hazardous slippery conditions. Simple one-touch operation allows parts to easily be blown off and cleaned immediately after machining, while your machine continues to cut parts resulting in improved cycle time and increased productivity.

MiJET can also be very useful at an inspection station to clean off oily parts prior to inspection. Air is driven out a nozzle while simultaneously, vacuum suction pulls the valuable coolant into the container. Exhausted air is filtered to levels that can help your facility meet OSHA standards. Air quality is improved, aerosol is reduced, and floors are cleaner, therefore decreasing maintenance time and reducing the cost of expensive cleaning supplies. MiJET utilizes an existing shop air line and is easy to incorporate into a work cell since no electricity is required. Portable, with a small footprint, the unit can easily be installed next to each CNC machine while still making valuable shop floor space available for other operations. Optional accessories include castors for easy relocation, a parts basket to hold parts during cleaning, and a low noise Silvent air nozzle.

  • captures expensive coolants for reuse
  • also captures chips for recycling