Compact Speed Controller

April 10, 2017

By eliminating the external speed adjustment needle, Type JSD Slot-Head Speed Controller reduced both unwanted or unnecessary setting changes and its design footprint.


The absence of a built-in tool has resulted in a space-saving design: the height of this new controller to approximately 2/3 the height of its conventional counterpart.


The JSD is available in an Elbow type with a 360-deg rotatable x-axis resin body and a Free type with a 360-deg rotatable x- and y-axis resin body. Both operate with air as a medium and feature operating pressure ranges from 14.5 – 130 psi, check valve opening pressure of 7.25 psi and operating temperature ranges from 32 – 140ºF.


The Type JSD is ideal for use in packaging and factory automation applications.