High Temperature Materials Instructional Handbook

Sept. 16, 2014

Cotronics’ 16-page instructional handbook includes easy-to-follow guidelines for high temperature solutions that will satisfy the most difficult electrical, structural and industrial applications with the following proven Cotronics brand name products: Duralco™ (High Temperature Epoxies), Resbond™ (High Temperature Ceramic Adhesives), Rescor™ (Machinable and Castable Ceramics), Thermeez™ (Insulation Products), Durabond™ (Maintenance and Repair Products) and High Purity Materials for use to 4000ºF.

Physical property charts feature maximum temperature, components/color, viscosity, density, hardness, tensile strength, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, dielectric strength, thermal stability elongation, shrinkage, moisture absorption, mix ration, working and curing time for each Cotronics’ product. Helpful hints on mixing and measuring adhesives, bonding dissimilar materials, recommended bond line thickness, joint design and bond strength, thinning adhesives, removing bubbles, working with electrically or thermally conductive adhesives, cracking in ceramic adhesives and castable ceramics, and accelerating cure times to help insure you get the best possible results